We provide the following Advisory Support for Energy Leaders & Innovators:

Business Strategy

Electric industry transformation is being driven by customer choice, public policy and the acceleration of energy and information technology advancement. Success in this transition requires effective business models and technology strategy. Strategies have includes an assessment of emerging energy technologies, new business models and alternative regulation to enable a profitable transition. We support board level discussions and corporate planning.

Sample Clients

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Newport teamed with ICF to provide the SVP of Corporate Strategy an original electric distribution network value methodology and model based on earlier concepts developed by Newport and described in a Caltech-PNNL paper. The value methodology is used to assess the incremental value of grid investments to a community accounting for the broad implications of a more electrified, connected society that is also increasingly dependent on distributed renewable resources. The method and model are intended to facilitate community and regulatory discussions on the role of the future electric network.

Newport was a multi-year retained advisor to the Executive Vice President at Edison Electric Institute on new business opportunities, alternative regulation, technology innovation, microgrids and grid modernization across the United States. Newport produced educational seminars for industry and regulators, thought papers on a series of topics related to a more distributed electric system and facilitation of member workshops.

Read EEI “Future of U.S. Electric Distribution” Paper

Newport teamed with several leading consultants to develop a comprehensive international comparative study of leading developments in the operational coordination of Transmission and Distribution system operations. A survey of 10 countries and regions was conducted involving both personal interviews with the TSO and DSOs in each area along with an extensive literature search. This study informed a comparative assessment of the various coordination architectures under discussion. The report and related educational sessions provided AEMO with relevant information to guide their ongoing OpenNetworks efforts.

Read Final TSO-DSO Report

Business Plans + Regulatory

Business planning and related regulatory filings are the translation of strategy into an actionable set of initiatives and investments. Newport has extensive experience leading and supporting grid modernization business planning, business case development and regulatory testimony development across the U.S. We also provide expert witness testimony based on experience preparing and delivering testimony to the US Congress, FERC, and state legislative committees and regulatory commissions.

Sample Clients

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Newport continues to provide multi-year support to the SVP, Planning & Technology on a range of leading edge issues including integrated system planning, microgrids, DER strategies and grid modernization. Newport has been instrumental in the developments of Hawaiian Electric’s award winning 2017 Grid Modernization Strategy and 2018 Integrated Grid Plan (IGP). Newport provides strategic, technical and regulatory support including development of testimony. Newport also provides facilitation of the the IGP working groups.

Read Grid Modernization Strategy

Newport teamed with CESI/EnerNex to support SCE’s 2018 general rate case involving grid modernization strategy and investment plan testimony that was successful in securing approval for over $1 billion in funding. Newport provided advisory services to the now VP, T&D Operations to craft elements of the T&D Planning volume particularly related to overall strategy. Newport also provided significant contributions to the development of the Grid Modernization volume.

Read Grid Modernization GRC Filing

Newport’s Paul De Martini prepared the Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) report under the DOE (subcontracted to ICF) for the Minnesota Commission. This IDP report has become a seminal document that to-date has shaped over 20 state’s efforts to revise distribution planning for the 21st Century. Following this effort in Minnesota, Newport has provided technical assistance via advisory services and workshop presentations under the DOE in Vermont, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Hawaii, District of Columbia, New York, Ohio and several other states.

Read Integrated Distribution Planning Paper

Newport teamed with Scott Madden and CESI/EnerNex to prepare 2018 Xcel Energy’s Integrated Distribution Plan (IDP) which included its grid modernization plan. The Xcel plan leveraged the DOE’s IDP and DSPx framework developed by Newport. Newport provided advisory services and contributions to the development of the comprehensive IDP document that set a new benchmark in the industry.

Integrated Distribution & Grid Modernization Plan 

Technology Management

Development of effective technology adoption and risk management strategies is increasingly critical for many utilities success worldwide. Newport Consulting Group brings significant experience in directly managing over $3 billion of advanced grid and customer technology deployments. This experience is applied to industry best practice decision support frameworks to advising utilities, policy makers and growth companies on technology strategy, development of management and decision processes and governance.

Sample Clients

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Newport has provided advisory and technical support in the development of several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) distributed grid related initiatives, including state regulatory technical assistance involving the development of seminal reports on integrated distribution planning, grid modernization, TSO-DSO operational coordination and grid architecture. These frameworks and methods developed have been widely adopted in the United States and increasingly internationally.

Read Modern Distribution Grid Report (DSPx)

Read TSO-DSO Strategic Issues Paper

Newport teamed with ScottMadden and CESI/EnerNex to prepare ConEd’s 2018 Distributed System Implementation Plan focused on their distributed resource and grid modernization technology adoption strategy. The ConEd plan leveraged the DOE’s DSPx framework developed by Newport. Newport provided advisory services and contributions to the development of the successful ConEd plan.

Read 2018 Distributed System Implementation Plan

Newport has provided advisory services under the DOE to the Puerto Rico regulator including expert presentations in stakeholder workshops on integrated system planning and frameworks for technology management strategies involving microgrids, DER and grid modernization.

Market Development

Navigating the fragmented utility industry with its complex structures to introduce new services and technologies is a daunting sales, marketing, and product development challenge. Newport Consulting Group provides multi-national and start-up technology firms consultative services to empower their market development efforts. We provided market intelligence and advised on product roadmaps, business development opportunities and executive level sales strategy.

Sample Clients

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Newport provided retained support for market strategy and sales support. Specifically, Newport prepared and conducted multiple educational workshops on the electric industry technology adoption and related decision making processes. These sessions supported the development of marketing and sales strategies. Newport also supported sales activity with specific utility customers in the creation of sales plans and tailored strategies based on translating the unique needs of the utilities. Newport also teamed with Cisco’s corporate strategic services group to provide strategic consulting services to clients.

Newport has provided both large multi-national and start-up technology firms with industry insights and educational workshops to facilitate product development and marketing/sales strategies to utilities. Newport has considerable experience with technology adoption issues and consideration in the electric industry and is highly sought by technology firms seeking to gain an edge in their efforts.

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